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Kutz Indian Fashion and Beauty

Kutz Indian Fashion and Beauty was established in 2007. We provide customers with effective quality treatments at an affordable & reasonable price whilst providing quality service in a relaxing ambience. We are aware of the fact that our customers are our greatest asset and therefore seek to deliver the best experience possible.



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Gin Latu

Every time I get my brows threaded they always look great! And the ladies are awesome! Love it

Steven Talitiga Ah Fook

My wife has been coming here for years and every time she comes home she looks amazing and flawless. I love the confidence she has when shes just got her lashes and brows done. Like they say, happy wife, happy life.

Maria Amanda

I get my lashes permed and threaded here every 6-8 weeks because thats how long they last. Amazing service from the awesome Meghna and truly do not trust anyone with brows except her. Have never been disappointed by Kutz threading and am so lucky they are only 10 mins from home. Thank you Meghna for always coming through with your services.

Sara Shams

Meghna was lovely, is great at eyebrow threading and very helpful ☺️ I also bought a dress for an upcoming party!

Moana Takiri

I’ve been coming to Meghna since moving to Australia in 2014. Her threading is off the charts and now passed down to her daughter. No matter where I move in Brisbane, I always take my time out to come and get my threading and waxing done.

Raissa Iku

I am very happy with the hydra facial, I could see the difference in my face after the service. Very friendly,very quick, and professional job perfectly done. Thank you so much ladies I will be back😊

skeilla mclellan

Excellent Service, love the service and competitive prices!

juli c

Amazing service at affordable prices. They opened a new store in understood it is much closer to me, both stores have friendly staff and great service.

Georgina Christensen-Bailey

Great threading job on my eye brows, lip & chin, and customer service is A+

B Pitcher

Great salon. Great eyebrow threading for a great price. Eyelash perming was great. Just great. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.


Meghna and her team are fantastic. I have been to a few threading places now and Kutz Threading is by far the very best. The distance that I travel to get my eyebrows done every fortnight is worthwhile when I see the end result of clean and perfectly shaped eyebrows or glowing skin from the facials. The staff are very professional, efficient and the prices are very good on the purse.

Deirdre Marius

Very lovely people, and it’s my best place to get my eyebrows done. I don’t trust anywhere else.